hello world!

connecting finders and owners.

Your smart companion

hello tag accompanies you and your items on a journey. If your lost luggage is found anywhere, the finder can contact you - secure and with no frills. Your personal data is yours at any time.

Every item can be found faster and easier with our smart baggage tag. Your data is secured by 100%, because you decide, if and what you answer a finder.

hello tag increases your chance to get your items back faster, because any finder can contact you by scanning the QR or tapping with a nfc-enabled device.

Have a look at our guide, how it works in detail.

How it looks like at airports every year

carried bags


mishandled bags


lost and stolen bags

Source: SITA 2019 Baggage IT Insights

15 advantages, which will convince you!

  • No name and no address visible - never!

  • You are anonymous at any time and still reachable

  • Completely GDPR compliant

  • No datatheft possible on your journey

  • Smart design in asphaltgrey - and even as big as necessary

  • RFID and QR are activatable and deactivatable at any time

  • Accessible online service on 24 hours, 7 days a week

  • Secured data by state of the art server standards

  • Our servers are located in Germany

  • Our website speaks constantly German and English

  • Development and support made in Cologne

  • Registered and configured in less than 30 seconds

  • We only need your email-address

  • No Frills

  • Your hello tag has no expiry date. And our service will be still online at least 3 years from date of purchase. Promise!

5 reasons for...


no datatheft

A hello tag doesn't collect or send any data. An interception or phishing of your personal data is impossible.
Further there is no uncontrolled data transfer between finder and owner. The owner decides in each case, which data is provided.

RFID on your own wish

To customize your hello tag to your own safety level, you can decide at any time, if RFID function is enabled or disabled.

You decide about your data

You decide, which data you provide to a finder.
To offer our service, we only need your email address.

GDPR compliant

Capturing, saving and using personal data is reduced to a minimum. And on top, we do not display any personal data of the owner to others like other baggage tags do.

safety on hello-tag.com

All data connections to our service are encrypted and secured on latest version of technology and ensure that no unauthorized access on your data effects.


always ready

Registered once - immediately and always ready. Your hello tag needs no battery or constant activation.
Once you have activated your hello tag, it can be scanned by any finder.

fits everywhere

Due to the simple design, your hello tag can be attached to any item and provides safety.

really simple handling

As a finder or an owner - hello tag is developed, to work easy, without any frills and complicated processes.

available everywhere

hello tag can be used on any part of the earth - even on the moon would be possible. For contacting the owner, a data connection of the finder's smartphone is always necessary.

extensive support

If our numerous FAQs and guides are not enough, we offer you help and advice with our supportform, which you can find at "FAQ" or "Contact".